Updated June 21, 2024

April-May 2024

  • Launch the landing page with waitlist sign ups
  • Run private tests to confirm initial hypothesis
  • Reach out startup mentors and investors for future collaboration
  • Set up the discord server for alpha and beta users

June-July 2024

  • Enlist and launch on platforms/directories for beta products
  • Launch on at least 30 platforms
  • Interview and select the first batch of alpha users
  • Set up at least one social media channel
  • Finalise the 2nd batch of alpha users (if possible)
  • Set up the web portal to allow people to check their pi credits
  • Finalise the pricing table (if possible)
  • Onboarding flow for investors
  • Onboarding flow for mentors

August-September 2024

  • Alpha launch with the first batch
  • Collect user response for mentor & investor connect
  • Reiterate the backend api and refine the results incorporating user feedback and real-world data
  • Iterate the UI and frontend to collect user-response

October 2024

  • Look into betalist launch
  • Reach out to beta testers
  • Interview and sign up the first batch of beta testers (for closed beta)
  • Sign up the second batch of beta users

November 2024

  • Open beta
  • PR campaigns & media engagement if possible
  • Launch on Product Hunt
  • Commercial offering if possible

Note 1: The ETAs are subject to change based on the circumstances beyond our control. We cannot guarantee to follow the exact order as speculated here.

Note 2: If you have any questions or feedback, please write to us at hi[at]